This blog is about journeys of self-development and exploration of smarter ways to travel, live and work. A place to reflect and record stories of travel adventures and realisations that happened along the way. 

Many question the nine to five urban existence with a package holiday twice a year and have a sneaking feeling that we can live more logically and sustainably, with more leisure time, focussing on what we care about. I’ve been exploring alternative ways of living, travelling and working, meeting people who have escaped the ‘norm’ and live differently. Testing out how realistic and sustainable they are.

Living and working in London struggling to keep up with the inflated cost of living, long commutes, scattered social lives and a less than paradisaical climate, much of the joy in life had ebbed away. Taking a leap to live, work and travel in Australia’s open spaces, cheery climate and exotic scenery I decided to be open to new ways of doing things.

What was intended as a short change of scene turned into a long journey of discovering alternate ways of earning a living and spending my time that were not only about new experiences but also more in tune with the people and places I passed through. I was inspired by people I met and learned travel and lifestyle hacks, exploring house sitting, digital nomadism, eco tourism and rural work in return for bed and board.

I let loose at ‘new age’ festivals, stayed in an off-grid eco-village, ended up naked in a mud pit at a hippy festival, sailed the Whitsundays free via Gumtree, tested out platforms like AirBnB, Help Exchange and Aussie House-sitters… Did digital marketing for eco accommodation in Kangaroo Valley and a Bondi Beach sleep coach, worked on a cattle ranch homestead in the outback…Stayed on Byron’s ‘millionaires row’ with tantra teachers, a guy living off-grid in a bamboo hut in the rainforest and people who went ‘dumpster diving’ in Melbourne.

All the time I was learning and absorbing different perspectives and possibilities for living working and travelling.

This blog is a scrapbook of my journey, its flavours and impressions. It’s a digital form of the networking I’ve done on my travels. A place to share ideas and collaborate with like-minded people, travellers, business owners, activists, and change-makers – whether big or small.

So whether you seek inspiration at a rainy lunchtime desktop, connections, networking or simply an insight into the new live/work/travel scene, I hope you enjoy reading and contributing.