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Sydney share bikes

All of a sudden over the last month or two, hundreds of dockless share bikes have appeared around Sydney. They’re super easy to use and a great way to do small trips as they tend to be free or very cheap. In fact we haven’t spent a cent on them so far cycling to the beach and back in Bondi. I’m all about the sharing economy so think it’s great share bikes have become so widespread and accessible.

Share bikes at Bondi Beach

Share bikes at Bondi Beach

I’d encourage anyone visiting Sydney to use them to explore where it’s not too hilly or busy. Cycling is a great speed to see things by, and all the bike brands have baskets on the front to chuck your bag in. I’m so excited about them it’s prompted me to blog for the first time in 2018 after ages of silence!!

The four key companies for share bikes in Sydney


This is my favourite brand by far and they have the most bikes from what we’ve seen. They ride well, the seat height is adjustable (Bobby still finds them too small) Somehow we’ve never paid for a ride so far. The app is super simple to use with no deposit.

How to use Ofo

1. Download Ofo app
2. Find a bike on the map
3. Unlock & ride!

An Ofo bike on the streets of Bondi

An Ofo bike on the streets of Bondi

Reddy Go

These were the first we tried in Sydney. We cycled to the city from Bondi (not advisable!) and found them too slow and hard to ride for such a distance, with bad brakes.They’re also very small even with the seat raised. I’m 5.8” and Bobby is 6.3” and we both found them small. They also rarely have helmets, and the $69 deposit is off-putting.


There aren’t so many of these around the eastern suburbs and I haven’t tried them yet.


I haven’t used these in Sydney but the ones in Melbourne worked fine. I rarely see them with helmets.

Ofo bikes collecting outside our house

Ofo bikes collecting outside our house in North Bondi

The fact the bikes don’t need docking allows so much freedom as you just leave them anywhere there’s space. Some hooligans have hurled bikes off cliffs but this is very rare, and most are parked sensibly. Melbourne has had O Bike for a while now, but when I lived there in 2014 they had to be docked in racks, like the share bikes in London. This was a bit limiting as you had to find a rack to return them. Not great if you don’t live near one.

Share bike helmets should be lockable, duh!

One issue with all the bike sharing companies is that the bikes are often missing the helmets. They need to find a way to make fixing the helmets mandatory, eg requiring the helmet to be re-attached to end the ride, using some sort of clip. The Ofo brand tend to have the most bikes with helmets.

One of the few things I don’t like about Sydney is it’s not very bike-friendly. This is partly due to the hills, and some driver’s attitude towards cyclists. So the share bikes are a step in the right direction making cycling easier in short trips, and taking pressure off the transport system.

Worrowing Eco Hut Jervis Bay

Worrowing eco hut is a set amongst eucalyptus trees a five minute drive from Jervis Bay. It’s part of a collection of eco accommodation in partially cleared bush land.


I’ve been craving some time in nature for a while. I want to visit more eco accommodation near Sydney on weekends to get inspiration for my own future eco house and accommodation. I’m still not decided on the materials or location so I figured the more I visit the more I’ll get an idea of what I’d like. Bobby looked online for eco accommodation near Sydney and found Worrowing Eco Hut near Jervis Bay, which seemed like a good location for both beach and bush. We drove over from Sydney after work on Friday in about 3 hours.

Worrowing Eco Hut

It was so nice to be somewhere quiet surrounded by nature. Tame kangaroos hang out in groups all around the hut and seem super chilled out. We saw cute little birds outside while sitting in the spa bath.  The hut is surrounded by woods and we went for a walk through one afternoon and found some strange abandoned items among the trees including a creepy clown mask, a burned out car, an old washing machine, office chair and other obscure stuff!

One night in the hut we were cooking dinner and the windows got pretty steamed up, so I opened the sliding doors and a possum ran in from the deck! He’d obviously been waiting right outside the door as he’d smelled dinner cooking. He took a quick look around, saw my toe and thought it might be dinner then took a bite to see!! Luckily it wasn’t a hard bite.

Possum Worrowing

After dinner we lit a fire in the fire pit in front of the deck and sat and drank wine and listened to music with the sketchy wifi. The stars were amazing against the clear dark country sky. It was fairly chilly outside but inside the hut it stayed warm!

Worrowing Eco Hut View

I’m not sure what warrants the name ‘eco’ hut. There were no obvious eco features other than the reclaimed door. It’s certainly surrounded by nature though. The hut seemed fairly well insulated which was good given its getting chilly now. It’s odd that the eco hut has an electric heater while other huts had wood fires… Wood is renewable whereas electric generally isn’t.

Eco hut kitchen

The location is great being in the woods so close to the amazing blue waters of Jervis Bay, an ideal weekend getaway from Sydney. The website describes the hut as “Crafted from recycled and natural timbers, corrugated iron and fitted with full panel glass slide away doors, the Eco Hut blends into it’s surrounds. Listen for the Yellow Belly Gliders, Barking and rare Powerful Owls that often pay a visit from neighbouring Jervis Bay National Park and Booderee National Park.”

Jervis Bay

Balls Head Reserve Photo Essay

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