While sailing around the Whitsunday Islands in 2015 I heard some of the islands were abandoned resorts. What could be more fascinating?! I had to have a look at one one them! We planned a stop at Brampton Island.

Brampton island isn’t the only abandoned resort; Hinchinbrook, Hook and Lindeman islands have all been left dilapidated too. South Molle island used to be ‘Koala Adventure’  island and the old rooms and infrastructure are still there, but it’s now used as a research facility.

After a few days sailing round other islands we sailed up to Brampton Island late afternoon to find one other boat anchored there. Rick who I was sailing with dropped me off the Tender boat near the dilapidated pier. He stayed aboard our catamaran. I walked along some old rickety rail lines which must have trolleyed tourists up to the resort.

A group of guys from the other boat came to have a look round too, and we wandered round the abandoned bar and beach area discussing why it might have been left, and whether the signs warning trespassers of the caretaker were true.

The guys left and I continued to explore alone. It was really creepy seeing a modern resort just left like it was suddenly abandoned. The ground was littered with palm fronds and old coconuts.

It was possible to get into some of the rooms as the doors were open. They were dusty and messy, as though there had been people in them only weeks ago, but a storm has swept in.

Everything was still there in the rooms – beds, TVs, furniture and pictures on the wall.  I considered staying in one of the rooms to have a break from the boat. The banging of the mast had been keeping me up at night, and I liked the idea of being still for a night. (first world problems I realise!) They weren’t in the best state though and lugging bedding off the boat would have been effort.

I was scared a coconut could fall from the non-maintained palm trees and fall on my head. They were so high my head would probably crack like a coconut!

Making my way through the foliage outside a block of holiday chalets, I walked straight into a spider web and came face to face with a huge spider.

I was pretty tense walking round, as I didn’t know what I’d find. Being the only person on an abandoned island is quite a spooky feeling. Rick was quite far away and if anything happened it would be a while before he could come to help!

I smelled a disgusting smell like something dead, and came across a giant stinking dead kangaroo.

I should probably have turned back but I was fascinated and kept exploring. There was some sort of sports centre with a gym. Weights and machines were left…an old snail eaten copy of Men’s Health…medicine balls….I even found an old airfield!

In the reception area tea bags and toiletries were left sitting there. I imagined staff and happy holiday makers chatting, excited about their holiday. ‘Brampton Island’ was written across the glass in fancy writing.

Kangaroos roamed amongst jet skis and other expensive abandoned equipment.

By bizarre coincidence I met someone at a party in Mackay a few weeks later who knew the people who were going to buy and restore the resort. I’d be interested to go back to Brampton Island one day when it’s developed. But it’s more interesting when abandoned!